My aunt, the sorceress,
and her computer.

"Who are you ?"
"A world traveler"
"What's your name ?"
"I'm imagination's daughter"
"What's your wish ?"
"To play with the creative fantasy
of people of no age at all."

Film script.

A full-length musical comedy
for actors or cartoon characters.

By Eduardo Quiles

Translated by Lourence Sharpe


While the credits are shown, we hear one of the songs. And we see some children
cycling down a hill, following a donkey and a goat who have a chimpanzee, an owl
and a cat on their backs. On Victor's handlebar a brilliantly feathered parrot is perched.

VICTOR (off) We're living in the suburbs.

The camera shows us a panoramic view of the zone, surrounded by shady trees.

VICTOR (off) A stone house.

A general view of the stone house, two floors and loft. We can appreciate terraces and windows, designed to help fit the house into nature.

ZOE The monkey can ride a bicycle.
TAMARA Yes, Alberto' s got his own bike
ZOE Yet you, Victor, you make him ride on the donkey.

Victor smiles, takes off his hat and greets us.

VICTOR (off) These two little girls are my four-year old twin sisters, Tamara and Zoe.
ZOE We'll tell Daddy.

VICTOR Of course, Reynaldo the biologist.
TAMARA And Daddy will give Alberto his bike

The chimpanzee raises his hairy arms and claps his hands noisily at the idea.


The living room is spacious, with rustic flooring and lots of light, with a fine fireplace in line with the windows. Victoria, seated at the piano, and from an angle, looks at some sheets of music and strokes the keys.
Reynaldo appears, bony faced, a fringe of his hair falling on his forehead and pipe in mouth. Wears a white smock and goes straight towards the TV set.

VICTORIA. No, don´t turn the TV on !
REYNALDO. There´s a documentary film about orangutans.
VICTORIA. Don´t know,- it sends out sparks.
REYNALDO. The TV set? Sparks? Are you alright ?
REYNALDO. You were in a hurry to send the children out on a picnic.
VICTORIA. Because we had no more tomatoes.
REYNALDO. No more tomatoes ?
VICTORIA. What are you saying about tomatoes ?
REYNALDO. And you don´t let me watch TV
VICTORIA. Tomatoes ? Go on,- study the monkey.

She gives him little pushes until he moves willy.nilly towards the laboratory.


Everyone gets ready for the picnic in a clearing in the pine forest where there is room for camping. There are long tables, wooden benches and open-air cooking facilities. Nearby, water flows from a spring.

VICTOR. Here we are.

He jumps off his bike.


We can see Victoria in the living-room, about to switch the TV on.
The Machu Picchu can be seen, and then it vanishes.

COMMENTATOR (off) Incredible ! The Machu Picchu has vanished
VICTORIA. Oh ! My God !
COMMENTATOR (off) Julia Martin made the Machu Picchu vanish.
VICTORIA. Sister, how dare you !
COMMENTATOR. (off) The Machu Picchu has disappeared in next to no time.!
VICTORIA. Bring the Machu Picchu back right now !
COMMENTATOR (off) Julia, the Sorceress of the Year !

Reynaldo appears with sheets of paper full of scribblings in hand.

REYNALDO. Darling, the monkey has uttered another word.

Victoria turns off the TV hastily.

REYNALDO. What's wrong with the TV ?
VICTORIA. It's out of order.
REYNALDO. The TV ! Out of order ?
VICTORIA. Broken down. It sneezes, goes on and off by itself.

He looks at her, speechless.


Shots of Publicist, attending to their work at their desks,- all elegantly dressed in gray, brown or black suits. In spite of the sober tone of their attire, we note the accustomed extravagance of John Galiano


We see Victor running towards the spring water. Zoe stops him with a cry.

TAMARA. Who's the first to drink ?

They start signing and dancing

The talking parrot
the flying monkey
the dreaming donkey ?

CHORUS (off)
The owl
the owl.

The donkey with its ears
the monkey with its pirouettes
the parrot with its lectures ?

CHORUS (off)
The owl
the owl

The dancing monkey
the singing parrot ?


The laboratory is connected to the house by a corridor. We see the biologist at his desk, deep in his work. Everything in upheaval. Reynaldo Abad observes the computer screen, takes note and prints a text. There are book shelves, archives, dossiers, bird-cages and laboratory mice.


Children and animals finish the picnic and make their way back home.


PUBLICIST I Somebody sent Julia's video a Canal 77.
PUBLICIST II And another copy to 55
PUBLICIST III Now they're examining it at Canal 33
PUBLICIST IV We've got to get Julia under contract
PUBLICIST V Before our competitors.

Everything trembles, then an explosion and, beneath blue smoke, publicist appear, imitating a hurricane and a gale with whistles. Two groups form, optimists and doom merchants, dancing and singing.

Music !

A star
Julia !
The conjuring world
is full of joy

CHORUS (off)
A mirage
is conjuring

A star
The eye of
the moon

sleight of hand
a wizard
passed through
the pyramids of

A star
Julia will play
with the globe

Now you see it
Now you don´t
The Eiffel
Tower flies like
a pitihué

CHORUS (off)
A mirage is


The bicycles are approaching home.


Victoria is talking on the phone from the living-room. Her face is pale.

VICTORIA. Yes, that’s right. I’ve seen that the Machu Picchu is back.
JULIA (off) It’s an old video, I never thought they’d show it.
VICTORIA. If ever Reynaldo got to see it .....
JULIA (off) Honey !
VICTORIA. Are you coming this way ?
JULIA (off) And I'll get to know my nephews and nieces, I'll enchant them.
VICTORIA. You won't enchant the children.
JULIA (off) No ?
VICTORIA. You can enchant the monkey, the cat, the goat...

Enter Victor. He sees his mother talking nervously on the phone and he looks at her, somewhat taken aback.

VICTOR. Who were you talking to ?
VICTORIA. (rather absent) I don't really know.

Enter Zoe and Tamara

ZOE. You don't know who you were talking to ?
VICTORIA. With Aunt Julia.
ZOE. Our unknown aunt.


The biologist gets up off his chair when he sees the chimpanzee coming in.

REYNALDO. What was your trip like, Alberto ?

Alberto gesticulates, opens his arms, and utters a series of grunts.

The twins' room.

The girls are in bed, wearing pink pajamas. Victoria, at the foot of Zoe's bed, sings a lullaby.
Behind her, Victor appears, in pajamas, tired and yawning.

VICTOR. What is Aunt Julia ?

Victoria turns towards him, surprise in her eyes.

TAMARA. You always talk about her in a low voice.


What is she ?
Who is she ?

Aunt Julia
What is she ?

Is she a
teacher ?

Is she a
newspaperwoman ?

Is she a
story teller ?

They all come down the stairs towards the living room. Victoria sits at the piano

CHORUS (off)
What is
How is
Aunt Julia
Who is ?

Victoria bows her head, concentrated, strokes the key board with both hands and whispers.

VICTORIA. What would you like to hear ?

CHORUS (off)

To a waltz
the roamings
of a virtuose
of chance

Fair complexion
with wings
Aunt Julia,
that´s her

CHORUS (off)
What is
How is
Aunt Julia
Who is ?

VICTORIA Tamara and Zoe,- get into bed.
ZOE But.........
VICTORIA. Victor too. Come on now.

The mother picks up the twins, kisses them and carries them up the stairs. Down below in the living-room, the parrot shows his presence, flying around the overhead lighting. Victor, high in hopes, talks to him.

VICTOR. Felipe, fellow, what do you know about Aunt Julia ?

As an answer, the bird flies off again with a screech.

VICTOR. Deliver what you know.
PARROT. Deliver what you know.
PARROT. What's a parrot like you doing-
VICTOR. What ?
PARROT In a crazy joint like this ?

Moody. Victor climbs up to his room to find the monkey at his desk, felt tip pen in hand, drawing on some cardboard.

VICTOR. Let's see what you're drawing.

He observes the drawing made up of blotches which suggest females silhouettes.

VICTORIA. Aunt Julia's portrait, right ?

The chimpanzee growls, gesticulates and nods.


Victoria opens a door and stands behind her husband's chair,- he is analyzing recordings of the chimpanzee's growls, and jotting down his notes.

VICTORIA. Julia is coming to spend a few days with us.

On hearing the news, Reynaldo Abad becomes immobilized in his chair. In the kitchen Victor whispers a few words in the parrot´s ear and offers it a carrot. Felipe snaps at the carrot with its beak, but the monkey takes a lunge and makes off with it,- from out of a corner the goat Ramona swipes the carrot from the monkey.


The goat flees through the garden, chased by its victims while the donkey and the owl, doña Urbana, look on the matter in complete indifference.


The biologist, excited, wipes his glasses over and over with a handkerchief.

REYNALDO. So your crazy sister is coming ?
VICTORIA. And the children will get to know their aunt.
REYNALDO. You still haven´t told us what Julia does for a living.


The family is having breakfast. Reynaldo is at the head of the table, his note-book and pen at hand.

REYNALDO. You've got a sour look on your face, Alberto.

The chimpanzee, seated next to Victor, has an identical set of plates and cutlery as the boy.

REYNALDO. The same amount of cereals for Alberto.

Victoria grits her teeth at the reproach and put her hands on her hips.

VICTORIA. Shall I measure the soup in a test-tube ?
REYNALDO. No, I want you to treat them the same.
ZOE. The same ?
REYNALDO. For research.

The monkey applauds. And then sticks his spoon in Victor's cup and drinks his milk. The twins are bewildered at the sight , look at each other and burst into tears..

TAMARA. He's taking Victor's breakfast.

A cawing of protest. Everyone looks up at Felipe's open cage. Felipe can't stand Tamara and Zoe's tears, hence his protest.

PARROT. Thieving monkey, you're a greedy guts.

Being hurt by Felipe's insult, the chimp stretches an arm out to the fruit dish, takes an apple and slings it at the parrot's head, at the very moment when the goat appears and receives the fruit right between its horns., which cause the goat to snort and charge at the ape who jumps up on an overhead lamp, Only the cat and the owl remain unmoved at all this turmoil.

PARROT. Nobody can live here.


What sort of a
mess-up have we got for
home ?

Don Alberto
you're really

Save Genoveva
she's got no car.

I'll climb
up a tree
with my chimp
to research

I'll open up
at random,
with my donkey

I'll go to
where the sea is born
with my cat

I'll take the
train with the
owl to where
its namesakes
take tea.

CHORUS (off)
I'll take my donkey
to where the sea sings;
I'll take my cat
to where the sea dreams;
do, re, mi, fa, so
to where the sea slumbers.

The biologist stands up, a couple of brooms in his hand. He gives one to Victoria and they both try to put their rebellious animals back in order.

REYNALDO. Get out !
VICTORIA. Leave us alone.

Twins' bed-room
Through the window the sun is seen high and to the west.
Zoe and Tamara are doing their homework at their desks

Next door Victor has his geography book open and is studying hard.
The musical chime of the door-bell can be heard and the three children intuitively rush downstairs

TAMARA. It's her !


Aunt Julia's figure can be seen on the threshold. Red-haired, large, dreaming eyes, dark dress and a scarlet mushroom shaped hat. A portable computer in one hand and an umbrella, the same color as her hat, in the other. She stands there with her feet crossed while the children gaze at her as though she were an apparition.

TAMARA. It's her.
ZOE. Aunt Julia.
VICTOR. In flesh and bone.

Her presence causes commotion among the biologist's animals. The parrot sticks its beak under a wing, the owl gets short-tempered, the cat loosens a miaow while her beautiful tail describes an arc, turning like a weather-cock. The monkey leaps from side to side. The goat almost hallucinated, jumps through a window into the garden.
The donkey, from another window, stares at the scene. Reynaldo comes through the door that leads to his laboratory.

REYNALDO. Just what's going on here ?

Aunt Julia raises the palm of her hand up to her mouth and blows a kiss towards the animals who become calm as an immediate consequence.

TAMARA. They've all gone quiet.
ZOE. With a kiss.
VICTOR. That's Aunt Julia.

Reynaldo takes a good look at the new atmosphere, then turns his attention towards his wife as though demanding an explanation, to which she turns a rather forced smile.

REYNALDO. There must be an explanation.
VICTOR. Everybody went crazy when they saw how pretty Aunt Julia is.

The boy turns to ask the chimpanzee something, but it ambles drunkenly outside, as if it wanted to get away. Everybody follows the monkey.


The garage is a shed where Reynaldo Abad stores his collection of vintage cars, and polishes up the body work.


Julia, is she a dream
or the design for
a star ?

The chimpanzee waves an affirmative hand and hides with the other his bashful eyes

Or a star
tied to a dream ?

sing us
an aria
with your


And what does
doña Urraca say
with her magpie's

The bird of prey pulls a face, which is of course flat-nosed, but as always, shows no sign of emotion. The boy puts on an old woman's voice.

What a wonder,
what an impression.

The impression
left doña Urbana

Victor sits astride the goat.

I'm the goat

I have no

Who'll bleat?
Who'll sing ?
If Genoveva
can't bleat ?


CHORUS (off)
Genoveva !

The twins are mounted on the donkey. Victor leads the way, caressing one of its ears.

went pim,
went pam,
he neighed
and he slept.

Come on
get lively,

And how about
the cat with
her lizard's eyes ?

Mew mew mew.

use your tail
to write a poem of

Mew, mew, mew

CHORUS (off) Federica !
They dance out and come back through the main door.

VICTORIA (to her sister) Tamara and Zoe are longing to give you a kiss.

The twins can't wait. They run into Aunt Julia's arms, she hugs and kisses them with fondness

REYNALDO. But the reaction caused, when she appeared.......
VICTORIA. It was a misunderstanding, sweetheart.

Reynaldo Abad is overcome by a suspicion and goes towards the door to observe what's outside.

REYNALDO. There's no car out there.
REYNALDO. How did your sister get here ?

Everyone looks at Julia.

JULIA. Well, I came with ........

Everyone leaves the house, following Julia.


Some fifty meters from the hedge that surrounds the house, a young man standing by a bicycle can be seen in a meadow. He's holding a bunch of wild flowers in his hand and he waves it . Julia shouts at him.

JULIA. Go away. I don't want to know you at all,- go away.
REYNALDO. Just who is that fellow ?
JULIA. Definitely not my fellow.

The young man, one knee on the grass, his arms wide open, sighs. No doubt about it,- Cupid's arrow.

JULIA. No,- beat it, get out of my sight.
VICTORIA. (to her husband) Now you know who brought her here.
REYNALDO. Both of them ? On that bicycle?
ZOE. Looks quite like a good cyclist.


Silence in the room, finally broken by Victor.

VICTOR. Can I carry your briefcase?
VICTORIA. Don't even think of it, Victor.
ZOE. Why "don't even think of it"?
VICTORIA. Did I say "don't even think of it"?
TAMARA. You did.
VICTORIA. Reynaldo, you still haven't said hello to your sister-in-law.

After a moment's hesitation they give each other a kiss on the cheek. Victoria then picks up the briefcase and makes a sign to her sister to follow her up the stairs

TAMARA. She's taking her up to the loft.

Outside car-horns and traffic can be heard. Taken aback, Reynaldo goes to the door and is engulfed by a crowd of people dressed in overalls,- a skinny fellow wearing blue braces and a tiny dark hat is leading them,- he's the designer.

REYNALDO. What's this invasion all about?
DESIGNER. Take care, fellows
VICTORIA. Up to the loft.

The designer gives orders by means of signs. Big square shipping crates follow him, like a bulky cloud.

TRANSPORTER. Hey monkey ! Take this box up.

The chimpanzee does what he's told, climbs the stairs with the box on his shoulder. The twins open their arms eloquently and each one receives a huge box.

REYNALDO. Hey, look here. They're very little!

A bald man in a gray overall gives the biologist an answer.

BALD MAN. They're only empty crates. No lead in them.
REYNALDO. Empty ? No lead ?
TAMARA. Daddy,- it's not heavy.
ZOE. And what's in my box.?
BALD MAN. It's inside. Just ask.
TAMARA. Ask who ?
BALD MAN. The sound of the sea was looking the other way, so I picked it up and put it in the box.
REYNALDO. Victoria! Victoria ! I'm going mad.

Up in the loft a swarm of people are trying to create an agreeable working atmosphere for Julia


A laboratory
in the loft ?

The loft,
a friendly
to research

CHORUS (off)

Ho, ho, ho.
in to how they make
a clay drinking bottle ?

VICTORIA (clamative)
Research !

Why does
the sunflower
dance a
minuet and

REYNALDO (ironical)
Research !

CHORUS (off)
A minuet to the

Ho, ho, ho
Just how do they make

a clay drinking bottle ?

Research !

Why a
flying fish
paints its
wings when the
sun rises.

Research !

CHORUS (off)
With the sun
a flying fish.

The workmen move from one end of the loft to the other. A slim individual with a box on his shoulder turns and trips against Julia, knocking her over. The individual offers her a hand, apologetically.

JULIA. The pretender !
PRETENDER. Ahem, I ..........
JULIA. How did you get in here ?
PRETENDER. I love you, Julia.
JULIA. No, no, keep your distance.

The children observe what's going on.

ZOE He hit you with the box, but he didn't mean to.
TAMARA. I saw it, he didn't mean to.
PRETENDER. You see ?
JULIA. Get away,- out of my sight.

Victoria and Reynaldo approach and look distrustfully at the Pretender.

REYNALDO. Who's got to go ?
ZOE. She doesn't like the Pretender.

A man with a curly moustache sidles up to Julia, with paper and pen.

PUBLICIST. Sign here.
JULIA. No, I've given up sleight of hand.

A group come up with a huge telescope on a wheeled tripod. Others bring a big antenna.
Reynaldo gets in the middle of it all, stumbles and falls.
REYNALDO. How about that telescope ?

A wide window opens so we see all the celestial magnificence. The telescope points towards the Universe.

DESIGNER. What do you think about the way your studio is shaping up ?
JULIA. A dream.

The loft has been turned into an organized space for a utopian researcher on cloudy days.

REYNALDO. So your sister is a keen star-gazer ?
VICTORIIA. Well (catches sight of the twins) Tamara and Zoe,- to your studies.

The twins go dutifully towards their room. Victoria takes Julia's hand

VICTORIA. What a lot of hustle-bustle. Where can we talk ? In the kitchen.

They move off, holding hands.

REYNALDO. I'm going to do a bit of running with the monkey.

A panning shot of Victoria and Julia in the kitchen, which is covered with large tiling. Victoria does some washing-up while Julia pecks at some cherries in a fruit dish.

VICTORIA. They've made a beautiful loft for you.
JULIA. Certainly have.....
VICTORIA. You've got to promise me something.
JULIA. What thing ?
VICTORIA. That you won't use your powers here with us.
JULIA. Just what do you mean ?
VICTORIA. Neither will you help the twins fall asleep murmuring rooster songs.
JULIA. The rooster has a fine voice
VICTORIA. Nor will you put Victor.............


A wolf's tooth

under Victor´s pillow
to give him luck.

A cricket
is heard
with a

Not even in a pocket,
is there a sea-urchin.

The sea-urchin
is a comb
for the queen
of the fish.

For whenever
Victor is in
a fix.


There's no sweet basil in
Reynaldo´s wardrobe.

Not the slightest

I know my
She loves playing
the witch,
enchanting and

What a cunning
magician that
sister is.

Julia cups her chin and meditates while Victoria takes a silver tray towards the kitchen.
VICTORIA. We live a quiet life and that's how we have to carry on.

She opens a cupboard and lets loose a cry. A skinny bespectacled man greets her, moving his fingers

JULIA. What's the matter ?
VICTORIA (stammers) There's a gray man there.
JULIA. In the cupboard ?
VICTORIA. I saw him; he greeted me.

Julia goes to the cupboard, opens it with a huff and invites her sister to take a look.

VICTORIA. I saw a glass eye.
JULIA. It's all your imagination.
VICTORIA. Really ?
JULIA. Just like I say.

Victor comes into the kitchen, takes a glass, goes to the fridge to help himself to Coca Cola.

VICTOR. Mummy, there's a top-hat in the fridge.
VICTORIA. In the fridge ?

Both sisters go to the fridge, Victoria leading, Julia makes a cabalistic gesture, which Victor notices.

VICTORIA. There's no hat!
JULIA. Logic, isn't it ?

Aunt Julia gives Victor a knowing wink.

VICTORIA. Victor, take a look and see what the twins are up to.

He does what he is told and, walking backwards, observes Julia with admiration. Once at the twins' bedroom, Victor's hand opens the door slightly and is taken aback by the scene that strikes his retina. The twins, sitting on their beds, make signs to him to come in without making any noise.

TAMARA. noise.

On top of the girls' desks an unusual little ballet is taking place; pencils, pencil sharpeners, paints, plasticine figures, rubbers.....


At long
long last
Aunt Julia
has shown

Fine point
fine point

Let's sharpen
the lead
Zoe and Tamara
may write
their rhymes

CHORUS (off)
At long
long last
Aunt Julia
has shown


We can hear crickets chirping and birds singing. A hundred yards from the hedge, close to some trees, Mariló appears, a thin young magician with the look of a hippy about her. Wears a saffron colored dress and a ribbon in her hair. She leans her flying broomstick against a tree, and burns an incense stick.

Julia's Pretender
is thieving.

Without giving the matter another thought, she gets on her broomstick, takes off from the earth and marks three circles around the house.


The humming of the flying broomstick wakes Tamara who in turn arouses Zoe. Both look out of the winter and watch the flight of the sorceress.

ZOE. Let's wake Alex up

The slip into the boys' room who wake up and join the girls at the window.

ALEX. It's Mariló the magician, what's she doing flying about up there ?
TAMARA. Mariló ?
ALEX. Have you got a catapult ?

Victor opens a box and hands him one.

ALEX. We need some dried peas.
ZOE. I'll get some.

Exit Zoe.

TAMARA. Are you going to shoot her down with dried peas ?
ALES. She uses a really mean magic.

The magician's flying gets lower and lower. Zoe comes back with her hands full of dried peas. Alex takes one.

Dried peas
faun's eyes
diamond pupil
go straight to the
bull's eye

Little Alex closes one eye, pulls the rubber back and fires.


Both pilot and broomstick nose-dive noisily into a heap of dry leaves. Mariló is stretched out somewhat battered among the leaves, pulls a face and looks crossly towards the window from where the missile was launched.


All the family except Reynaldo are having breakfast in a corner of the living room. The biologist comes in a good mood, kisses Victoria and the twins, offers a hand to Julia, tickles Victor's fringe of hair, the chimpanzee's ear and gives a sweet to the parrot.

REYNALDO. The weather forecaster said we're going to have a fine week end.
REYNALDO. Why don't we go down to the coast ?

A gleam of suspicion lights Victoria's eyes.

VICTORIA. Let's see what's in your trouser pocket.

Reynaldo looks on open-mouthed though he obeys mechanically. When he pulls his hands out of his pockets a little stone shimmers in his right hand.

REYNALDO. Just what is this ?

Looks at the stone with a scientific eye.

REYNALDO. A precious stone, maybe turquoise.

A lank individual makes his entrance. Has a penetrating look and wears a bright little moonstone in his ear. Blue overalls and carries a tool box

UNKNOWN. The plumber.

The peace and quiet the animals were enjoying disappear with the plumber´s arrival,- the cat mews, the parrot swears, the owl beats its wings rudely, even the donkey sends in a drawn-out bray from the garden. Only the chimpanzee ignores the newcomer.

PLUMBER. Yes, the plumber.

Without awaiting an invitation, he takes a sniff at the air and heads straight for the bathroom. Victoria makes an imperceptible sign to the monkey who is playing with pieces of domino. Alberto climbs down from his chair, picks up a stick and stands firm in the newcomer's path.

PLUMBER. He's not going to give me a hiding.
VICTORIA. There's no taps or tubes out of order here.

The visitor hesitates and his lips take on the shape of a wise old bird.

PLUMBER. Are you sure of that ?

Points insistently towards the bathroom door.

VICTORIA. My God ! Just look !

From under the door, a tiny stream of water gets wider as it reaches the room.

PLUMBER. My presence is justified, isn't it ?

Just when the plumbers is entering the bathroom another individual - this one with a tic on his eye-lid - appears. Wears overalls and carries a tool box too, and dark glasses..

UNKNOWN II The electrician.

Wasting no time in explanations, inspects the electrical installation.

REYNALDO. But we haven't called you.
VICTORIA. How does he know we've got electrical problems ?

In silence he selects an owl feather from among his tools and tests the different wires, which emit sparks.

ELECTRICIAN. You see that ? Short circuits.

A disheveled young woman appears. Long curly hair, heavily made-up cheeks and a medallion hanging round her neck.

UNKNOWN III. I'm Rosa Plumero. Sent by Polyservice.
REYNALDO. Poly what ?
ROSA. Broom ? Vacuum cleaner ? Bleach ?
VICTORIA. We cleaned the house out yesterday. Not a speck of dust.

The girl smiles, pulls out a colorful feather whisk, shakes it with a pirouette and we see a slight explosion, under a cloud of dust.

ROSA. Not a speck of dust, eh ?

Shakes her dress and sets about her job as if she already knew the house, singing a song.


Victoria is watering the plants with a spray. Julia has got a pot in her hand, with a delicate flower.

VICTORIA. Who is the cleaning woman ?
JULIA. A conjurer.
VICTORIA. And the plumber ?
JULIA. A fortune-teller.
VICTORIA. How about the things going wrong ?
JULIA. Brought on by hidden powers.

Victoria takes a good hard look at her sister, questioningly.

JULIA. I've come here to work with my computer.

Victoria's eyes don't leave Julia's face for a single second.

JULIA. On an atmospheric phenomenon.


wearing patent leather
Miss Joy in
a chest

Don´t let's start.

Birds of
under a

Please, no more.

leaden cloud

good-tempered bubbles
with one blow.

What an obsession !

leaden cloud
on the sun's

VICTORIA. How can we go down to the coast with the house full of magicians ?

Julia claps her hands loudly and the owl flies into the glass house.

JULIA. Doña Urbana, fetch those apprentices here.

The owl caws and flutters off to do what she has been told.

VICTORIA. Doña Urbana obeys you too ?

A plumber, an electrician and a domestic servant form a line before Julia, who, on seeing them, pulls out a flute.

JULIA. What sort of music do you fancy hearing ?
ELECTRICIAN. Fantasy of an electric spark.

Julia agrees, brings the flute to her lips and as soon as the music is heard, the phony electrician starts dancing. Rosa Plumero's eyes sparkle and she approaches Julia.

ROSA. Please, Counterdance of the flying feather whisk

Rosa dances a solo to the rhythm of the music, then dances with the electrician-magician. The plumber is envious when he sees them dance and asks Julia.

PLUMBER. Pirouette of a tap-fitter.

On hearing his music, the plumber dances and finally forms part with his companions of a fleeting magic choreography.. When the flute ceases, in silence, the dancer bows in
reverence towards Julia.

JULIA. I order you all to follow the flight of the owl.

Doña Urbana spreads her wings, Julia snaps her fingers and the plumber vanishes, leaving nothing behind.


Another snap of the fingers.
The electrician vanishes in a flash

VICTORIA. It's impossible !

Seeing the disappearances, Rosa Plumero murmurs.

ROSA. I've still got to dust the piano.

One gesture from Julia and Rosa vanishes, Agape, Victoria looks at her sister.

VICTORIA. How about doña Urbana ?
JULIA. Taking those greenhorns home.
VICTORIA. We can't go down to the coast.
JULIA. Yes, you can. Nothing unusual will happen here.


In an office three men are sitting before their work tables, thoughtful, chins on their hands. The brightest of them stands up.

PUBLICIST 1. How does that song go ?

The publicists sing it but with little feeling..

To a waltz
the fortunes of
an artist's

PUBLICIST I Coffee, gentlemen ?
PUBLICIST II Somebody ought to persuade Julia.
PUBLICIST III Sleight of hand with her.
PUBLICIST IV Is a top hat full of saw dust

Downhearted, they try again.


Under the porch the Abads kiss their children while Julia looks on. The car is parked on the other side of the hedge. Victoria can be seen through the car window

VICTORIA. Victor, take good care of the twins.
VICTOR (off) Don't worry, Mummy.

The engine crackles and the cars moves off slowly.

VICTORIA (off) Julia, a glass of hot milk at night for Tamara and a little chocolate for Zoe.


Parrot and owl fly rapidly through a heavy rain cloud. In the storm, flashes of lightening with the thunder giving the echo. Night surprises the birds with their feathers soaked with water.


As they come down out of the cloud, parrot and owl make out a large building turned into a wine warehouse, with trees that seem to be acting as guards. Felipe and doña Urbana alight on the foliage of a fig-tree and from branch they see the huge oak door of the warehouse. They fly off and land on the iron grill of a little window from where they can see the inside of the building.


Huge storage space with vaulted ceiling and beams held up by several columns,- a spiral staircase leads up to a small office which overlooks the main floor. Under the office we can see a row of wine barrels and a large table round which the debates of the occultists are held.

The brilliance of the red carpet extends up to the feet of a rickety golden chair.

OWL. Do you see what I see ?
PARROT. I see what you see.

Dario the Great and his followers are having a meeting,- a mixture of mediums, astrologers, fortune tellers, crystal ball gazers, sleight of hand artists, sorcerers. A squalid looking fellow, big-nosed, over six foot high, observes the comings and goings from one of the office windows. The fortune-teller, like a cat carried away by events, comes down one of the columns to the main floor.

FORETUNE TELLER. A storm of drowned lizards has descended !

This item of news is received with great satisfaction.

MEDIUMS. That's the way ! That's it !

They make up a magic square and, wearing raincoats and black hats, start a dance with canticles and chanted psalms. When the dance gets underway, the apprentices come and go from the barrels with jugs of wine which they offer to the masters in occult sciences The sleight of hand performers join in the singing.


The wind
gets cross,
wind and rain

From the
don Cyclone
peers out
like an

The snow

The sky is
a cape,
rain of

Parrot and owl are falling asleep, but still observe the festivities below.

PARROT. (yawns) It's getting light.
OWL. And these evil eye fellows are tireless.

Amid the music of flutes, oboes and double-bass, a cock crows. Dario, mastermind of occultists, stops directing the dance and ascends the spiral staircase to the platform, observes the outside world through a window and a tearing cry escapes from his throat

DARIO. Scatter.

The silence of a cave. Seems unbelievable. Card-sharpers, palmsters, all float up towards the windows, amazed.

MAGICIANS. Oh! The rainbow.

The splendor of the rainbow makes its way through the high beams of the warehouse and the light seeps down and dazzles the fortunes-tellers, who become hysteric, as they move from one side of the floor to another, closing down the shutters.

DARIOS. Calm everyone, please.


Julia at work at the computer table, a receiver similar to a cell phone in hand. We see celestial bodies floating on the screens and we hear on and off enigmatic sounds. Through the windows the telescope explores the illuminated sky. A large receiving antenna stands close to the telescope. Enter the children along with the monkey. All in pajamas and almost on tip-toe.

VICTOR. What are you doing, Aunt Julia ?

JULIA. I'm receiving data from artificial satellites.
ZOE. And that antenna ?
JULIA. Captures signs and sends them to the satellites.
VICTOR. What are you doing now ?
JULIA. There's junk up there.
TAMARA. Junk ?
JULIA. There's a broken down satellite.
ZOE. Yes, and it's not sending data about the weather. Can you see ?

The children take turns and look through the telescope, the monkey too.

JULIA. I put the satellite in action and I modified it.
ZOE. You did that ?
JULIA. That satellite will be breaking up big cloud formation.
VICTOR. It's a space road-sweeper ?
JULIA. That's it. It'll sweep the clouds away that hide the sun.
TAMARA. Fabulous
JULIA. Would you like to see how it breaks up the clouds that cover the moon ?
ZOE. Oh yes, Aunt Julia.
TAMARA. Sweep that cloud away.

Enter Victoria. When she sees the children she moves her head as mothers do when they see how fast their children are progressing.

VICTORIA. Tamara, Zoe, Victor,- to bed.
ZOE. Bur, Mummy.
VICTORIA. But, Mummy.
VICTORIA. Do you know what time it is ?

They head for the door, their faces showing disappointment. The chimpanzee turns, waves his hand, protesting with a growl.

VICTORIA. Julia, what were you talking to them about ?
JULIA. About the space road-sweeper. Do you want to see it ? Victoria wants to give her sister an answer, but pulls a face, holds it back and leaves the loft.


Dario makes a sign to the musicians to keep up the happy mood but the rhythms have
taken a pessimistic tone, and the magicians, rather than dance, move their feet as though they were wearing ankle irons.

A chorus of protests can be heard.

MAGICIAN 1. It's a night of cats and dogs.

MAGICIAN 11. But Julia should use her diskette.

The conjurers move from one end of the shed to another, hands clasped behind, deep in thought, while another musical rhythm begins to sound


Bow of lights:
Gold of dawn:
Opal of fire:
Antón Perulero
Aurora Borealis:
Asleep in the rose garden.
And this multicolored
A set back.
A spark of sunshine ?
Dreams of asthma sufferers.
the cybernatic

The singing ceases. The magicians dance with a little more interest, unaware that they're under observation from up among the beams by a couple of wide awake birds. Just at that moment the parrot, in a fit of bad temper, shakes its crested head and whispers in doña Urbana's ear

PARROT. They've called Aunt Julia silly.

The owl shows her mighty claws

OWL. They'll be sorry.

Great Dario gets into the magical circle, with an authoritative gesture calls for silence and gives a short speech.

DARIO. I'm allergic to the sun and the blue days.
CHORUS (off) Superallergic.
DARIO. The Gray Day should bring down the Blue Day.

CHORUS (off) Superallergic.

The music comes back and the magician' party reaches its high point

PARROT. I've got information for Victor.

Felipe makes a sign to doña Urbana for her to fly off with him.


Birds with curved beaks are seen flying towards the Abads' home with a golden moon fading slowly on the horizon.


Silence reigns in the biologist's home Some furtive silhouettes can be seen climbing up to the loft but the figures remain unseen. Some creaks can be heard towards the back where the telescope seems to be sniffing out the universe and the huge antenna registering its heart beats. The computer screens show signs of activity.
At the other end of the loft, Julia sleeps peacefully.

SHADOW 1 Locate Julia's solar program..

A silhouette sits before the central computer, touches different keys and opens one archive after another.

SHADOW 11. Hurry, hurry.
SHADOW 111 (typing) Global Position System, don't know.
SHADOW 1 Quick ! Julia may wake up !
SHADOW 111 Cloud, heavy cloud, cloudy, here ? Yes, here.
SHADOW 1 Clean the hard disk.
SHADOW 111 Done.
SHADOW 11 Perfect. Let's get out.

The three shadows make for the loft door and seem to float like urban phantasms. One of the silhouettes stops, steps back, goes up to a coat stand and takes Julia's little hand-bag, puts his hand in, gives out a beam of light with his wicked eye and reads the label of a cassette

SHADOW 1. Look, the security copy.
DARIO. Won't Dario de happy !

The loft is in silence, only the heart beat of space, the printer's humming and Julia's dreamy breathing can be heard
Julia wakes up.
Following her intuition, she moves nervously to her work table and types on her computer.

JULIA. My program !

She stands up, crosses to the other side of the loft, to the coat-stand.

JULIA (off) They've stolen my security diskette too.


The owl and the parrot come down from the clouds and fly over the biologist's house. Felipe and doña Urbana land on the pile of logs and capture the murmurs of a conversation.

SHADOW V. Have you found the cassette ?
SHADOW 11. The black hen gave us the clue.
SHADOW1V. Let's get out of here.

The shadowy band storm the fence but Felipe and doña Urbana stand blocking their way.

PARROT. I entreat you sly lot of shadows, to hand back what you've stolen.

Somebody whistles a melody that recalls sorcery
Before the owl and Felipe dozens of eyes glow with a dazzling enigma in the pupil.

OWL. Aren't you scared ?
PARROT. Doña Urbana, even my belly button is trembling.

Shrouded in the darkness, phosphorescent pocket watches with the crystal cover open
float in the vacuum.. At first the watches are immobile, held by invisible chains, then they sway, to a rhythm, moving from left to right under the constant and melodic whistling of a magician. Owl and parrot feel fatally attracted by the hands of the watches and are unable to look away and the hypnotic dream holds them captive..


A beam of sun-light filters through the lace curtains of Victor's window. Victor blinks and jumps out of bed.


Victor stumbles into Felipe and doña Urbana, who are hypnotized,- the boy is confused and doesn't know whether to wake them or not.

VICTOR (off) Suppose they lose their memory ?

As Victor is about to enter into the house, he runs into Julia, Zoe and Tamara.

VICTOR. The parrot and the owl are sleeping and they're awake !

A gleam of anger in Julia's eyes.

JULIA. Careful,- don't wake them with a start.

Hearing the noise, the donkey, chimpanzee and the cat, Federica show up.

JULIA. Let's see Felipe, do you know where you are ?
PARROT. Not a clue.
JULIA. How about you, doña Urbana ?

The owl adopts an expression as though she'd rather stay in her artificial sleepiness.
Julia silently extracts a flute from her pocket.

JULIA. When you hear music, you'll open your eyes.

She puts the flute to her lips and plays a few notes. Felipe and the owl open their eyes, somewhat benumbed. The group crosses the threshold.


There's a general air of defeatism in the room.

PARROT. Julia, they stole the diskette.
JULIA. Yes, I know.
TAMARA. Oh, Aunt Julia !

The twins and Victor hug Julia, just when the musical door-bell is heard.

Tamara hurries to open the door. An adult couple holding a little boy's hand appears in the doorway. The animals show their displeasure. Poncho brays, the cat mews, the monkey growls, swinging from the lamp, the goat is about to leap through the window, but Julia, with the mere hint of a cabalistic hand movement, instills immediate harmony among all and sundry.
Victor, Tamara and Zoe observe the newcomers in absolute calm.

VISITORS. We are the Noel family and our little son, Alex

The man is all skin and bones, a white moustache and vivid eyes, wears a gray suit and a hat. A beryl sparkles in his lapel. He notices that Aunt Julia is about to faint and he approaches to be of assistance.

MR NOEL. We've come to put you on your guard.
JULIA. It's too late. It's already been stolen

Mr Noel, exasperated, clenches his fist. Holding back his anger, he observes his wife.

MR NOEL. I told you we had to put Julia in the picture, but first we had to buy a nutty cream pie for Alex.
ALEX. I can get the diskette back, Daddy.
ZOE. You ?
ALEX. And last night I nailed a fly in the air.
ZOE. You're kidding !
ALEX. Yesterday I played dice with a frog

Alex' Mum, dressed in street clothes, bright hooped ear-rings and a hat with flowers pulls a face, somewhat shocked by her son's talk.

MRS NOEL. Alex ! These things aren't mentioned in public.

Alex is about 6 years old. Thick curly hair all around his face give him an impish air of innocence..
Julia, coming round, straightens herself up and sends the children out to play in the garden..

TAMARA. But, Aunt Julia...


In the garden close to an apple and a cherry tree the twins and Victor are subdued. Alex notices this.

ALEX. Do you want to see something really unusual ?
ZOE. We're sad.
ALEX. Come on, now. Something really extraordinary ?
TAMARA. Alex, teach the owl to knit.
ZOE. Alex, teach the monkey to fly.
TAMARA. And the parrot to be an opera singer.
ALEX. No, I'm going to change you into a couple of mice.

Tamara and Zoe frown, although obviously the little magician is joking. At last Victor forces a laugh. The twins cry and run away.

ZOE. Poncho, Alberto, Genoveva.
TAMARA. Help us.


Running away, the two girls jump over the hedge, Alex after them. The donkey, goat and chimpanzee, cat and parrot all come to their aid. Finally they bump into the long legs of the Pretender.

ZOE. Look, it's the one we saw before.

The Pretender leaves his bike on the ground, takes off his straw hat and introduces himself.

PRETENDER. I'm Big Bang, the boxer.
ZOE. Big Bang ?
PRETENDER. Light weight Sub-champion.
TAMARA. You're not the champion
PRETENDER. And pretender with no girl friend

Victor arrives and forms part of the group.

VICTOR. Aunt Julia threw him out.
PRETENDER. Come on. First round !

Pantomime choreography.

PRETENDER. Clench those fists

CHORUS (off)
Clench those fists

The left
the right
on guard:
on the chest
wide open

CHORUS (off)
Just in case
just in case

PRETENDER. Let's line up the contenders (to Victor) Young fellow
VICTOR. Tamara versus Alex
CHORUS (off) Fire !
VICTOR. Zoe versus the chimpanzee.
CHORUS (off) Fire !
VICTOR. Goat versus donkey.
CHORUS (off) Fire !
VI CTOR Cat versus doña Urbana.
CHORUS (off) Fire !
VICTOR. And me versus -----
PRETENDER. The challenger ....Big Bang.

Sparring commences. The Pretender pretends to land a right hook on Victor'a jaw and Victor falls to the ground.

The left
the right
on guard:
on the chest
wide open.

CHORUS (off)
Just in case
just in case


The Noels are standing in the living room, cup of coffee in hand, trying to cheer Julia up.

JULIA. What it cost me to draw up that program.

A veil of disappointment shrouds her beautiful eyes.

MRS NOEL. Cheer up my dear, you'll get it back.
MR NOEL. We'll be with you until it's in your hands again.
JULIA (uneasy, telling a lie). There's hardly room.
MR NOEL. We can sleep here on this sofa.
JULIA. How about Alex ?
MRS NOEL. No bed for Alex ?
JULIA. There's an extra bed in Victor's room.
MR NOEL. End of the problem.


The pugilistic pantomime has left everyone exhausted. Parrot and Owl are perched on a branch of a pine tree, the donkey, goat and chimpanzee stretched out on the grass with the children and the pretender.

The young man plucks the petals off a daisy

PRETENDER. She loves me ? She loves me not ?
ZOE. She doesn't ?
PRETENDER. I'm the groom, but at the doorway.
TAMARA. At the doorway ?
PRETENDER. Grooms at the doorway are unhappy grooms.
ZOE. We've got to do all we can so she'll love him.
VICTOR. But why ?
PRETENDER. Julia said "Boxing or me?"
TAMARA. Of course - her !
PRETENDER. But how can I pay for my studies ?

The Pretender sighs, gets up in silence, goes to his bike and pedals away, turning his

PRETENDER. Make Aunt Julia love me.


Mrs Noel is sitting on the divan., observing herself in a hand looking-glass

MRS NOEL. Tell me, wise looking-glass, what on earth is that crazy Dario up to now ?

Sound of shaking glass, as if the mirror itself was going to speak - but it's only a mirage.
The children burst into the living-room. Mrs Noel pulls a face.

MRS NOEL. Mirror, mirror, what rowdy children.

They lower their heads, shamefaced,- except Alex. Julia sighs.

JULIA. Come on, I'll show you Alex' room.

Mr Noel and Alex follow Julia up the staircase towards Victor's room.

VICTOR. Are we disturbing your .......looking-glass ?
MRS NOEL. Of course you are,- as you ought to know.
TWINS (very faint voice) We're sorry.

The lady pulls out the world's strangest monocle and looks at Zoe and Tamara.

MRS NOEL. Do you enjoy walking in the rain ?
TAMARA. Oh yes, Madam.
MRS NOEL. Do you open your umbrella in your home ?
ZOE. Well......
MRS NOEL. Don't ever even dream of doing it.
TAMARA. Oh we'd never dream of it. !
MRS NOEL. If you see a shooting star, do you make a wish ?
ZOE. Oh no, Madam.
MRS NOEL Very wrong.
TAMARA. Wrong ?
MRS NOEL. Do you walk under a ladder ?
ZOE. Well, yes we do.
PARROT. Well, very wrong.

The parrot caws, coming in through the window and flapping its wings, until coming to rest on the chimney-piece.
Mrs Noel looks at Felipe out of the corner of her eye. The parrot's entry has upset her.

MRS NOEL. Shall I change you into a plasticine parrot ?

PARROT. Don't you even dream of it.


Victor is sitting on the lawn under the magnolia tree, deep in thought, watches how Alex plays hide and seek with Tamara and Zoe, while the donkey, goat, monkey, cat and parrot run around just as if Alex were an ordinary human being just like those that don't stop at a red traffic-light.

TAMARA. Felipe, you' re a double-crossing parrot.
ZOE. You're always looking out of the corner of your eye.
PARROT. What a gang !
TAMARA. Alex, you're paying.


The day has flashed by. The grown-ups, seated around the fire-place, are talking in quiet, soft voices.

MR NOEL. We've got to work something out to surprise Dario and his magicians and get that diskette back again.
MRS NOEL. That's exactly what I feel, too.
JULIA. It won't be easy.


We see Victor lying on his bed, his hands clasped at the back of the neck. Opposite, in a similar posture, is Alex. Soon they fall into a deep, sweet sleep.
The chimpanzee peeps in, goes to Victor's work table, sits down, draws a little and leaves the same way as he came in.
Suddenly a window opens and a greenish blue mist seeps in. And a cock crows. Victor opens his eyes and sees Alex sitting next to him on the edge of the bed.

ALEX. Lazy bones, we've got to get the diskette back.

Victor gives his head a couple of jerks and looks, startled, at his guest.

ALEX. Everyone's ready to fly.
VICTOR. Who is everyone ?

ALEX. Zoe, Tamara, the donkey, the monkey, owl, goat, cat......

Victor rubs his eyes, he can't believe what he's hearing.

VICTOR. The cat too.

Alex smiles.

ALEX. I told her we'd be flying very high.

As soon as he gets dressed Victor pulls back the lace curtains and takes a look at the outside world.

VICTOR. Where's the helicopter ?
ALEX. Helicopter ?

Victor starts to giggle but ends up laughing out loud.

VICTOR. Maybe you've got a private plane.

Victor sees the shadow of an UFO through the window.

ALEX The "helicopters" are in sight.

Victor rushes to the window and stares out into the immense tapestry of the night.

VICTOR. Unbelievable.
ALEX. I'm not a fan.

Through the window a slice of the moon can de seen crossed, in that very moment, by flying objects. They aren't UFOs but witches' brooms equipped with memory, highly sophisticated. Zoe is mounted on one, Tamara on another. A little way behind, the donkey, monkey, goat and cat. The owl and parrot have no vehicle, and they keep slashing at the air with their wings.

ALEX. There weren't enough brooms for everyone.

Victor takes a few paces back, his face scared stiff.

ALEX. Get a move on,- here's your broom.

He offers one. Victor takes it and gets astride.


As soon as they fly past a cloud, Victor and Alex catch up with the twins.

ALEX. Follow Felipe and doña Urbana.

The flying squad start flying round and round the area of the Abads' home.

VICTOR. Alex, why are we flying around in circles ?
ALEX. The parrot is trying to shake off Dario's spies.

Above them stars are shimmering like peas full of light. A little later the broomsticks point downwards and begin to lose height. The houses with their gardens are like toys.
As they fly over the local village, the street lights get larger and larger, as do the rooftops. Then the children and the animals touch ground and the broomsticks are hidden in a nearby haystack.


ALEX. We'll follow our guides.

The order is obeyed, later - under cover of the night - they advance in silence and stop in front of a huge house from which noises are heard that cause fright.


In the twilight, numerous eyes shine between the enigma of noises and the murmuring of night-birds.

PARROT. There's the wine warehouse.
OWL. Where Dario and his fortune-tellers celebrate their rites

Party sounds are heard, then flute music.

TAMARA. They must be celebrating the theft of the diskette.
PARROT. Victor and Alex, come with me.

They follow Felipe, climbing up the trunk of the fig-tree, then they jump from a bough onto a wall of the house and hang onto the iron grille of a window. They take a look at the inside of the shed through the irons


The people inside are having the time of their lives. The lower level crystal-ball-gazers keep on filling up jugs from the barrels and offering drink to the dancers.

VICTOR. What merry-making !


The magicians dance with partners, in circles, sometimes back to back, also in line and face to face. The women wear colored wide-brimmed hats, the men wield black, pointed umbrellas.
Victor and Alex give each other a look of connivance, jump from the window to the fig-tree and slither through the foliage down to the ground, where the twins are waiting for them.

VICTOR. Tamara, Zoe, Alex and me are going to make a surprise entry into the wine warehouse.
PARROT (ironically) And we'll put out the lights.
ALEX. The rest of you on the watch-out in case we need help
PARROT. Why do I have to stay outside ?
VICTOR. That's where you're likely to be more helpful.

The chimpanzee and the cat swish their tails, they're disappointed.

ALEX. Shut up ! Who's the boss here ?

Alex pauses and amid great expectation, points his finger at Victor.

ZOE. Victor's the boss.
PARROT. What am I then ?
ALEX. Second boss.
OWL. How about me ?
VICTOR. That's enough !

Victor shows his thanks to Alex with a thumb sign, for acclaiming him as number one, and, accompanied by Alex, positions the animals at vantage points around the house. Then, together with the twins, he strides towards the warehouse door and gives a turn to the door-handle.


The children's entry into the magicians' party goes unnoticed on account of the dancing. From the floor, vapors and smoke of aromatic herbs ascend towards the beams and the staircase-

TAMARA. What a thick cloud !

ALEX. Shhhh.......
ZOE. Smells of sweet basil, incense.
ALEX. Lower your voice, it's risky.

One dance after another, musicians seem drunk with the music and the wine. The parrot perched up high on the iron grille, observes the comings and goings of the magicians and all of a sudden lets loose a harsh cry that leaves everybody stunned.

PARROT. Silence, even though this isn't really a hold-up

The ploy works: music stops, feet are still, the gathering of fortune-tellers hardly dares open its mouth. Then a loud, loud guffaw is heard..
It's Dario who roars with laughter from the top of the stair-case,- tall, burly, flat-nosed and bushy eye-brows. His beard covers his features of sleight-of-hand performer of everyday life. When he gets angry, his eyes sparkle and shed a light of a mad owl. He notices Zoe and Tamara.

DARIO. What sweet little girls. What's your name ?
ZOE. Zoe.
TAMARA. Me, Sir, I'm Tamara.
DARIO. Fine, Zoe, would you like a mentholated sweet ?
TAMARA. I'm not Zoe, I'm Tamara.
DARIO. Ok, Tamara, sweetheart, would you like to fly ?

The twins spin around on tip-toe, like ballet dancers, and then look the big man up and down.

ZOE. To whom are you talking, Sir ?
DARIO. With Tamara.
ZOE. You're so inattentive, I'm Zoe.

Dario starts to get short-tempered and stamps on the floor, but so unfortunately that he smashes the toes of a magician's apprentice, who, in that very moment, is offering him a jug of wine.

DARIO. The devil take them, who's Zoe and who's Tamara ?

Alex decides to take part and he greets everybody with familiarity.

ALEX. Hello Dario.

Who stares drunkenly at the child and fingers his beard, a bit dizzy.

DARIO. Know my name, huh ?

His voice thunders from out of his God-like face.

DARIO. Just listen to him. Everyone knows Dario the Great.
ALEX. True, the whole town's talking about you.

The giant lets loose a deafening laugh and comes down the spiral staircase and stands before his people.

DARIO. All the town's talking about me
ALEX. Your magic is in crisis.

The chief of all mediums goes pale.

DARIO. In crisis, you say ?
ALEX. Even the owls say so.
DARIO. Are you sure ?

The parrot cackles from the window-sill.

PARROT. Sure it's sure.
ALEX. Even the talking birds say so.

A murmur of discontent rises from among Dario's followers.

DARIO. Dario masters his hidden powers better than ever !
ALEX. Show us your evil arts.

His chest swelling, Dario empties a jar of sparkling wine in one swig and struts up and down, peacock-like, rehearsing gestures of mastery.

DARIO. Would you like, my dear little ones, for me to tell you a tale ?
PARROT. We'd fall asleep.

A movement of Dario's bull neck in the direction of Felipe and his arm stretches out, pointing at him.

DARIO. Hypnotize the parrot and the cooking pot at the same time.

Bunches of hypnotic eyes appear in search of the pupils of the parrot who has already flown away.

DARIO. Once upon a time there was an illusionist who tried to give the citizens an extra day of sunshine, using her computer but she couldn't because Dario the Great had made off with her cybernetic program.

TAMARA. You'll never get anybody to believe that tale.

ZOE. Of course, it's a Chinaman's tale.
ALEX. If you did that, it's because you've run out of image.
DARIO. Run out ?

Dario wobbles mentally on receiving such a verbal attack and starts striding around, hands in pockets, deep in thought.

DARIO. Run out of magic ? Prepare the cauldron, get hold of the parrot and sling all these little brats into it, right away !

The astrologers form a dangerous circle around the children in observance of their chief's orders.

ALEX. We've brought you a fax from Greenland.
VICTOR. You've just been named Mr Abracadabra of the year.

A general gasp, an "oh" from his admirers which never seems to end, Dario is overcome with bewilderment.

DARIO. Didn't I tell you all ? Didn't I tell you ?

Alex has a piece of paper in his hand and Dario - his beard a-tremble in vanity - stretches out his hand and snatches it.

DARIO. Gimme that bit of paper.

He's about to read it when the fax turns into flame, burning like a fire-torch.
This time the "oh" is even more intense, but with a hint of dissatisfaction.
The chief of this assembly of sorcerers looks at Alex with eyes that would devour him.

DARIO. What sort of a show is this ? Magic, maybe ?

More striding up and down, demands another jug of wine which he empties in a single swig, and he howls.

DARIO. Playing magic on me ? Enough to give me a heart attack.

He starts to laugh and gesture with his hands so that the others back him up with more and more laughter. Only cackles and guffaws can be heard in the wine warehouse.

DARIO (his eyes moist) That's enough. No more laughing, please.

His looks change, gives a few steps, making the floor tremble with the stamping of his huge flying boots, and faces Alex.

DARIO. Nothing in this hand, nothing in the other, now - just watch.

Another "oh" of admiration. Out of the palm of his hand Dario shows a fish-bowl with a lubine swimming in it. Without flinching, Alex whispers a few unintelligible phrases
And in a trice the fish-bowl vanishes out of the conjurer's huge hand. All present murmur, speechless at this exhibition of top level magic. Dario bites his lip, obviously worried.

DARIO. Tell me, Sonny, what's your father's surname ?

The parrot has stuck its head through the window.

DARIO. Then you're Alex.
TAMARA. He isn't Alex.
ZOE. Alex is his twin brother.

Dario can't make head or tail out of all this. Seated in an old gilded arm-chair, he rubs his hands time and time again and rests his head on one shoulder in a grotesque attitude, so everyone can see he is thinking. Hard.

DARIO. So you think you're the best ? Show it.

Alex takes a seat, everyone is silent, and he pulls out of his pocket a tiny goat, made of clay.

ALEX. It's made of mud, but it can bleat.

Dario the Great guffaws,- his neighbors follow suit.

DARIO. Prove it.
ALEX. Close your eyes everyone and let us hear you all bleat

Everyone obeys. When they open their eyes, Genoveva the goat is standing next to Alex. General amazement

DARIO. (belittled) What else can you do ?
ALEX. I can turn the goat into a monkey.

A murmur of incredulity is heard.. Dario moves his head skeptically.

ALEX. Now, eyes tight shut and a somersault.

Some fortune tellers protest, others don't feel like performing a somersault, finally everyone does it. The open their eyes and see, instead of the goat, a chimpanzee, Alberto. No one believes what they're seeing.

DARIO.(ashamed) What else can you do ?
ALEX. I can change a monkey into a cat.
DARIO (eyes a-gleaming) A black cat ?
ALEX. Out of a black monkey, an Angora cat.
ZOE. That's even more difficult.
TAMARA. And more fantastic.

Everything happens just as Alex said it would. Dario the Great howls with helpless rage, rushes towards a barrel, opens a faucet and noisily bathes his beard and whiskers in wine.

DARIO. No, no, no.
ALEX. Now the cat will fly, just like an owl.

When the spectators close and open their eyes doña Urbana can be seen flying over their dumb-struck faces.

FORTUNE TELLERS. This lad is Number One.

And they hoist him on their shoulders


While oboes and double bass enter into action, one dance follows another. Wine flows a-plenty as the new lord of the mediums is crowned. The crowing of the cock can be heard faintly, while these solemnities are in progress. Felipe pokes his head in through the iron grille.

PARROT. Alberto, doña Urbana, goat, pussy cat,-- Where are you ? The cock's already crowed.

All those mentioned group together next to the doorway of the warehouse.

The twins feel uneasy on seeing them all together.

TAMARA They'll see it was a trick

Dario the Great, from the depths of his armchair, pricks up his ears and stands up sharply.

DARIO. Trick !
ZOE. Sir, Tamara picked the wrong word.

But too late, Dario the Great tears at his hair, pushes and shoves the fortune tellers who cross his path, tipsy with their jugs of wine.

DARIO. A trick ! Catch them alive.

The astrologers set after the children like a pack of wolves but their tipsiness renders them awkward, the children dodge out of their way and they escape with the animals through the door.


We see the children running towards the spot where their flying gear has been hidden. On board their broomsticks they take off and head for the firmament, the parrot and owl flying alongside them. Down below, Dario and his conjurers hardly able to stand upright, shake their fists at the flying broomsticks.


TAMARA. I'm flying ! I'm flying ! What great fun !
ZOE. I'm a seagull, a real sea gull.

Alex manoeuvres his craft among those of his friends in order to hold them back

ALEX. Hurry up. The cock will be crowing again at daybreak.

He gets out in front, close to the parrot and the owl and turns his face towards Victor.

ALEX. When you awake, your head will be buzzing with questions and doubts,- you'll try to remember, to know. You mustn't ask me anything about what we have just been through.
ZOE. I promise not to ask a single question.
TAMARA. I promise the same.
VICTOR. Me too.

They land.
Alex takes the brooms to pieces, fits them back in their cases, hides them and vanishes among the sleepy trees in the orchard.


Daybreak seeps in through a chink in a window in Victor's room. His eye-lids are heavy and he falls into a deep slumber.
We also see the twins lying in bed, asleep with the angels. We hear the strident crowing of the cock. Daylight takes over. Victor begins to awake. We hear the voices of Tamara and Zoe in the garden.
Victor's mind is full of scenes of last night's adventures, we see flashes of his memory, aerial pirouettes on the broomsticks, moments of the magicians' party in the wine warehouse, also the challenge Alex threw Dario. His face is full of questions,- all those scenes, everything that happened,- is it all a dream ? A made-up story, or reality ?

VICTOR (off) I've got to find out.
Jumps out of bed. The new king of magicians isn't in the other bed. Victor runs out of the room and down the stairs two at a time..


Tamara is skipping, Zoe holding one end of the rope, the chimpanzee the other.

VICTOR. Zoe, how about last night ?
ZOE. Last night,- not a thing.
VICTOR. Tamara, how about last night ?
TAMARA. I'm a bit deaf in this ear.

The pact of silence holds fast between the twins.

VICTOR (off) Felipe didn't swear to keep his mouth shut. And it's easy to bribe a parrot.

Victor goes to the animals' part of the garden, although there's no real border-line. Felipe is there in his cage, pecking at an apple and squawking his favorite phrases

PARROT. What's a parrot like you doing in a crazy spot like this ?

Victor calls his attention , picks up a date and using it as a lure, draws the parrot to a corner of the orchard.

VICTOR. Felipe, what a fantastic time we had last night, didn't we ?
PARROT. (ambiguous) Really ?
VICTOR. Too bad we couldn't find the diskette

The parrot observes the boy out of a corner of an eye and says nothing.

VICTOR. Come on, you funny old parrot, you know what I'm talking about.
PARROT. No idea.
VICTOR. You took us down to that devil's wine warehouse.
VICTOR. There's a cockatoo who's crazy about parrots.
PARROT. You don't say ?
VICTOR. Do you want me to describe her ?

Felipe moves his beak in a nod.

VICTOR. Feathers like silk.
PARROT. Oooh ....
VICTOR. She's a real delight with her red hair-do.
PARROT. Is she a flirt ?
VICTOR. She's really sexy.

Felipe puts her beak under a wing, and thinks.

VICTOR. Tell me about the dream you had last night.

The parrot scratches its head with a claw and gives Victor an exasperated look.

PARROT. Are you a parrot psychoanalyst ?

Somewhat confused, Victor shifts away from the bird.


Victor finds Alberto in the laboratory. The monkey, in line with the biologist's instructions, is doing some grunting into a tape recorder and seems to enjoy watching how the tape goes round and round recording his guttural noises. Victor stops the tape and offers the monkey a banana. Alberto takes it and peels it with slow movements.

VICTOR. Did you fly last night on a broomstick ?

The chimpanzee, with a curious look in his eye, observes the boy - scratches his skull and twitches his ears.

VICTOR. Yes, or no ?

The monkey answers doing a somersault. Victor makes a sign to the monkey not to move, goes to the cabinet, opens one drawer after another, digs into the papers and pulls out some note books with gray covers where his father jots down his findings about the chimpanzee's speech.

VICTOR (off) Here it is

He goes back to Alberto, leafing all the time through the notes which are as good as illegible. Finally he takes his eyes off them and questions the monkey.

VICTOR. Repeat, what did you do or dream this morning early ?

The monkey growls his answer. Victor takes another look at the note book

VICTOR (off) "ymm" means astonishment, "u-u-u-" means satisfaction, "ghka" - rage.

Julia' s voice is heard.

JULIA (off) Tamara, Zoe, Victor, Alex....


Everybody is in the living room, the children leaning over a table-top which is a chessboard. Victor is playing against Tamara and Zoe.

MRS NOEL. My dears, we grown-ups have work to do
MR NOEL. Delicate work about some searching.
JULIA. There's a fair in town and as Victor is quite a lad already......
VICTOR.(off) They want to get the diskette back and so they're sending us off to the fair.

We see the clock on the wall at six o'clock in the afternoon.


A car comes up to the open zone where the big tent has been erected, where on the other side there's noise of people, sirens and raucous music amid all the fair installations and attractions : switch-back, ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bearded woman, witches' tunnel, ice-cream and candy fluff stalls.

JULIA. Victor, look after the twins.

Alex' Mummy makes a fuss of the boy, puts the knot of his tie straight, arranges his hair and - with a certain air of superiority - says

MRS NOEL. Be careful not to go too far.

Her husband is a bit freer.

MR NOEL. We'll come round to pick you up in a couple of hours. Have lots of fun.

The children set off on their visit to the fairground. As they stroll past the different stalls the loudspeakers inform to all and sundry of all the shows and attractions: the spider woman, the Chinese knife-throwers. the ant hypnotiser, the parrot that can read the telephone book..

ZOE. That's one number I don't want to miss.

They stand still for a moment and are taken aback on seeing Felipe at the door of one of the stalls. The parrot is perched on a trapeze three feet from the ground, with an iron chain clamped to one of its feet. In spite of being restricted in his movements, Felipe is promoting himself.

PARROT. To the box office, please. You'll see the one and only parrot in the whole world that can read the yellow pages.

Tamara's nose twitches at the sight.

TAMARA. But it's Felipe.
ZOE. And chained down.

Alex takes the twins by the hand and makes them come back until they're hidden amid the boisterous public of the fair. The girls have still got a knot in their throats.

ZOE (moaning) Who would have done a thing like that ?
ALEX. It must be the astrologers' vengeance.
VICTOR. They might even be attacking our house at this moment.

Alex nods in agreement, while the twins don't want to leave the fair.

ZOE . They'll force poor Felipe.
TAMARA. To read the whole telephone book.

In the midst of their talking, another voice is heard which stops them in their tracks.

CIRCUS VOICE. Don't miss the feat of the wise monkey.
TAMARA. A monkey ?
ZOE (heart in her mouth) Please, don't let it be Alberto.

The twins head directly for the stall from where the voice has come,- Alex and Victor after them but they get lost in the crowd. Happily they are found again enraptured before a caravan where the chimpanzee, banging a drum between a juggler and an acrobat, holds in his hands the same as the other two, a lighted torch which gives out a flame, which he swallows, just as though it were an ice-cream

TAMARA. He's going to scorch his stomach !

The boys herd the twins away from the show. This has really touched their heart.

ZOE. What will have happened to the cat and the rest ?
VICTOR. We've got to go back home.
TAMARA. But we'll come back to rescue the parrot and the monkey.

Alex starts walking as fast as he can. The rest follow.

ZOE. How are we going home ? On land ?
TAMARA. In the air ?


We can see their disappointment when Alex hails a taxi.

ALEX. Get in.
TAMARA. Why a taxi ? why ?

They look at Alex standing alongside the car, with the door open.

ALEX. Do you know a better form of rapid transport ?
VICTOR. (a thin voice) There's the broomstick.

ALEX. We'll use them to sweep the astrologers out of your home.

They get rather unwillingly into the taxi and move off with verve.


Halfway home the taxi loses speed and starts jerking and finally comes to a halt on the side of the roadway lined with poplars.

TAXI-DRIVER Look at that ! Have to get the engine looked at.

The children get out of the car just as night is falling, in the middle of nowhere, little traffic, the only sound - the chirping of crickets.
The taxi-driver lifts the hood and, torch in hand, has a look at the works, then he straightens up and scratches his head with his right hand.

TAXI DRIVER. That's funny.

In vain he tries to start the car up while up in the air a couple of the oddest birds fly over.

TAXI-DRIVER (superstitious) That's funny,- black hens.

Alex comes closer to the car and breathes on the carburetor.

ALEX. Try to start it up now.

Unconvinced, the driver slams down the hood, gets behind the wheel, turns the key and the engine starts to grind. The noise inflames the flying hens and they go into a nose-dive towards the car with loud flapping of wings. The driver steps on the gas and vanishes as if driven by the devil.

TAMARA. Hey, come back !

The children start walking, rather despondently. Alex, behind Victor, puts a hand on his shoulder.

ALEX. What are you thinking about, Victor ?
VICTOR. About the broomsticks.

Takes a side glance at Alex and notices the shadow of a doubt in his eyes.

ALEX. You're quite a road-sweeper, aren't you ?

Without another word they stride toward the lights of their neighborhood, visible in the distance.
The twins keep up the pace behind the boys and the enigmatic yard birds, behind the girls.

ZOE. Alex, I'm tired.
TAMARA. And we'll be late.
ZOE Lend us some flying boots.
VICTOR. Our broomsticks.
ZOE. Alex, you can do that and much more.


The children are bewildered by a host of huge bats whose wings form a black cloud which holds them back and hides their house from view. Alex cries a few words and the night birds flee in a disordered fashion, away into the darkness. A desolate sight meets the children's eyes.

TAMARA. Just look !

Everything is upside down on the other side of the fence just as if a whirlwind had struck the house. We can see doors and windows wide open, and all the outside is flooded with light from the house.

ZOE. What a disaster !


The children come through the garden which looks more like a grave yard of junk. On their way they pick up different objects from the ground.

VICTOR. My picture album !
ZOE. My dancing doll !
TAMARA. My painting !
VICTOR. Daddy's note-book !

They walk with care in order not to tread on the hodge-podge of articles spread over the lawn. We can see how Alex trembles with rage as he stares in the direction in which the bats have fled.

ALEX. Dario, I'm not going to forgive you for this.

The twins whimper and wipe away their tears.

VICTOR. Let's go and get them
TAMARA. A flying boot, Alex.
VICTOR. The broomsticks are better.

Darkness is slashed by broad beams of light and the noise of voices grows. A team of TV technicians dragging cables start filming scenes of the upheaval we are witnessing.

VICTOR. What's going on ?
TAMARA. They're filming.
ZOE. That's right.- we're going to be seen on TV.

We become aware of huddled shadows moving slowly in front of the glass-house.
Julia and the Noels come forward, stooping to pick up things they come across which they throw into white plastic bags. They're wearing yellow gloves.

MR NOEL. Hey kids ! Be careful not to wipe out any evidence.

The children can't believe their eyes: some strangers, also with gloves and plastic bags, cross in their path.

MRS NOEL. What are you doing here ?
PUBLICIST Helping. They've left this like a garbage dump.
MR NOEL. Wait a minute. Why are you filming this house ?
PUBLICIST DIRECTOR. We've come to interview Julia Martin.
JULIA (stooping) It's one of Zoe's shoes.
MR NOEL. They're dazzling us with those lights. Switch them off.
PUBLICIST. Right away. (raising his voice) Switch those floodlights off.
MRS NOEL. Did you mention an interview with Julia ?
JULIA. I've got nothing to tell.
PUBLICIST. You sent a video.
JULIA. Forget all about it.
PUBLICIST DIRECTOR You made the Machu Picchu vanish.
PUBLICIST. My boss wants to contract you.
JULIA. I'm not interested,
MRS NOEL. Don't disturb.
PUBLICIST. Will you make the Egyptian Pyramids disappear.
MR NOEL. Those flash-lights are blinding us.
PUBLICIST. Shut those flash lights off.
MRS NOEL. Will you let us go on with our walk ?

They carry on picking things up from the ground. Cat, goat and owl accompany the grown-ups.
They stumble across the children.

JULIA. Victor, what are you doing here ?
VICTOR. The parrot and the chimpanzee are being forced to work at the fair.
JULIA. Come and tell me all about it.

Victor moves off into the garden with the grown ups

PUBLICIST. Idiots,- what are you filming ?
PUBLICIST DIRECTOR. Just shots of Julia Martin.


Children and grown ups are trying to put the big living-room in order.

MRS NOEL. Dario has gone a bit too far.
TAMARA. He's going to get what he's been asking for.
ZOE. Aunt Julia, you're a sorceress, what are you waiting for ?

Mrs Noel pulls a face as if she felt she was being looked down on.

MRS NOEL. And what are we ? Ear, throat and nose specialists ?
JULIA. Right now, the parrot and the chimp aren't in danger.
MR NOEL. Let's get this business over with before your Mummy comes back.

Twins and Victor look at each other, all quite disappointed.

ZOE. But, Aunt Julia......
JULIA. You're tired now,- time to go to bed.

She takes Zoe and Tamara by the hand and with Victor and Alex behind, they start to climb the stairs. All at once a huge floodlight shines through the doorway, with the TV team coming in.

PUBLICIST. As you know, the boss is waiting for you.
MRS NOEL. She doesn't do magic work any longer, you know.

She shoves the unwelcome intruders out and shuts the door.

Shots of Victor and Alex in their beds,- similar shots of the twins.

TAMARA (off) Aunt Julia's diskette's been stolen.
ZOE (off) And they've made a mess of our home.

Panning shot of Victor and Alex

VICTOR (off) Yet she's a sorceress in times of Internet.

Panning shot of the twins' room.

ZOE (off) She hasn't so much as moved her little finger.
TAMARA (off) Auntie Julia, you've really let us down.

Downstairs, the living room looks a bit tidier. The adults say Good night, stifling a yawn. We can see the moon out of the window.. The clock on the wall gets bigger and we see how the pendulum is moving to and fro.

The cock crows and a dense blue-green fog fills Victor's room. He opens his eyes sure to be seeing Alex sitting on the edge of his bed.

ALEX. How can you be sleeping while Dario the sorcerer is laughing at us ?
VICTOR (rubbing his eyes) Eh ?
ALEX. How can you be snoring away while the parrot and monkey are tied to a chain?

Victor leaps out of the sheets.

VICTOR. How about the brooms, Alex ?

Alex points towards the window.
In a couple of paces Victor is by the window, leaning on the sill, he sees Tamara and Zoe, flying on broomsticks out in space. Doña Urbana flaps her wings a little way behind the brooms of goat and donkey, who is carrying the cat on its back.

VICTOR. Give me mine, Alex, I'm just longing to give Dario's whiskers a good hard tug, the rogue.


In next to no time they are all flying out in the starry night The stars are as big as fists and twinkle like so many winking spirits The children smile,- the stars are on their side.. Victor is out ahead, making sure of the direction of their flight.

VICTOR. Alex, that's not the way to the wine warehouse.
ALEX. First and foremost, we're going to rescue the parrot and the monkey.

Down below, toy-like traffic is moving along lines and mazes of asphalt.

ALEX. Tamara, Zoe, follow me, we've got to lose height.
ZOE. I'm feeling dizzy - really dizzy.

They come down under a bridge, where they can hear voices announcing fairground


Alex and friends land, take their brooms to pieces, put them into their cases and hide them all in a shrub, close to the first of the fair installations.

ALEX. We're going to set Felipe and Alberto free.

Once again they march past the empty stands where the gray mist enshrouds everything.
A forgotten tape-recorder is heard - monotonous .

VOICE. The spider-woman, the Chinese knife-throwers, the ant hypnotizers, the parrot reading the telephone-book.

They come across Felipe at the doorway of the stand, perched on a piece of wood, chained down, asleep and murmuring in a toneless voice.

PARROT. The only parrot who can read the yellow pages.

Victor approaches and examines the size of the chain. Steel.. Steps back, deep in thought. Alex repeats Victor's movements, but doesn't step back. Quite the opposite, he commences to rub the chain with his finger tips until it becomes as soft as a piece of cheese, and thus he frees the parrot.

ZOE. He's done it ! He's freed the parrot.

And they go off in search of the chimpanzee. Tamara with the parrot perched on her arm. The poor bird is dead tired and keeps muttering.

PARROT. The telephone book, the only bird in the whole world....

They're now at the stand of the wise monkeys. The acrobat and the juggler are gone, but the chimp is there, half asleep, slapping at the drum with one hand, holding a torch in the other.

ZOE. Felipe. Let's go home.

The monkey, without even looking at Zoe, gives the drum a slap and tries to swallow a ball of fire from the torch.

VICTOR. Didn't you hear Zoe ?

The monkey answers with another slap on his drum.

ZOE.. I'm Zoe and Tamara is here, doña Urbana, the cat.
ALEX. It's a waste of time. He's hypnotized.

Alex gets close to the monkey, without making a noise, with one hand he lifts an eyelid and breathes on his eyeball. He does the same with the left eye. The chimp opens his eyes jumps with joy on seeing his friends.

VICTOR. Let's get out of here.

They go back to where they hid their brooms.


A fleet of brooms crosses the luminous sky. The parrot is flying on Zoe's broom, with Alex leading. Victor wants this moment to be immortal, so he pulls out a midget camera and focuses on Alex, but he thinks again and takes a shot of the parrot and monkey and immediately hides the camera. Below their heads they can make out the lines of a building with all the lights on,- it's the wine warehouse. The brooms perform a pirouette and head towards the earth.


Some shadows move watchfully around the building. Neither voices nor musical rhythms can be heard. As the parrot shows signs of being wide awake, Victor makes a sign for him to be on the watch out from the window. Owl, goat and cat are all strategically placed.

VICTOR. We'll make a surprise entry.

The children are before the doorway,- the twins behind them. Victor decides to open the door with a start.


From the threshold the occultists can be seen sitting on their high stools around a conference table On hearing the door creaking, they turn their heads and smile at the newcomers. A medium, dressed in yellow shirt and black suspenders stands up and comes forward to greet them.

MEDIUM. Come on in, friends, come in.

Other conjurers are in silence, leaning against the wall or draped over the wine barrels,
likewise wordless. In the center of the floor is Dario the Great, a picture of loneliness, head bowed, seated in the grand, gilded armchair.

DARIO. Come on in, friends, come in.

Among those present, Omar the Soothsayer, comes forward, face like a dried fig, a bilious look about him, heavy shoulder, he almost floats inside a gabardine with lots of buckles, the only smart element is his hat, with a curved rim.

OMAR. Yes,- I - Omar the Soothsayer - say that you're a third rate prestidigitator

The accusation acts like a pail of cold water on those present. Some show their approval, clapping, others - most of them - show disapproval by booing.
Crystal Ball can be seen - round-headed, long-haired, short of stature, a fortune teller.

CRYSTAL BALL. As you know, I, - Crystal Ball, - am always abreast of all that tells how the future will be, well, I......

The children are quiet, spellbound and astonished.

TAMARA. Is that Crystal Ball ?
ZOE Don't like Omar the Soothsayer.

Another character, with the skull like a billiard ball goes from one side of the hall to another in an attitude of defiance.

CRYSTAL BALL. Dario the Great deserves better treatment.
CRYSTAL BALL. Nobody is anywhere near his stature.

Murmurings are heard. Dario seems to grow as he feels the support of a good number of the astrologers.

BILLIARD BALL. Evidence, that's what I want, evidence, before the most skillful of all card-sharpers is judged

Omar the Soothsayer screams, gets red in the face and hysterical, on hearing the little fellow's arguments.

OMAR. Evidence ?

He gesticulates and moves between the wine barrels, looking all the time straight in the eye at the fortune tellers. Finally he stares at Alex.

ZOE. Omar the Soothsayer is coming this way
VICTOR. Shh....

Omar takes Alex by the arm and leads him to Dario the Great's armchair.

OMAR. Here's the evidence.

The twins show signs of being distraught

ZOE. Alex is not evidence
TAMARA. So leave him alone.

There's too much excitement in the air for anyone to listen to the reasonings of the two girls as like each other as two drops of water.

OMAR. Not five foot tall and looks down his nose on the one he calls Number One
CRYSTAL BALL. I didn't look down my nose at him.

There's a scornful grin on Omar's lips as he struts around the open space.

OMAR. So there's a goat ? a monkey ? a parrot ?

Gesticulates like an open-market salesman.

OMAR. A nursery school-boy played the fool of someone considered the Grand Master in the realm of Good Fortune.

Tamara and Zoe make up their minds and face Omar the Soothsayer.

TAMARA. Alex fools no one - he marvels everyone.
ZOE. Neither does he play tricks, he plays fair.

The twins' taking part has obliged Omar to give a nearby dwarf a wink,- he gets in front of the girls and makes them go back to where they were.

OMAR. What sort of future is in store for us ?
OCCULTISTS. You tell us, Omar.

O0MAR. Other Julias will show up, they'll make computer designs for blue days and the whole world will smile from ear to ear.

More murmuring among those present. Obviously Omar the Soothsayer, thanks to his oratorical arts, is picking up supporters as though they were flies on sugared paper. Crystal Ball goes up to Dario and whispers.

CRYSTAL BALL. You've got nothing to say ?

The one who seems to be losing his grasp among the occultists sits up in his chair in slow motion and replies in a thin voice.

DARIO. For the moment, nothing.

His reply brings on voices and discussion, some are in favor, others just shout. The different points of view swell to the size of a tumult. The parrot shows his beak through the iron grille and his squawk sounds more like a stampede.

PARROT. Silence, you sound like a lot of full-time gossipers.

The insult quietens the hubbub. Everybody looks up towards the beams, then down to settle on the children.

OMAR. What are these little brats doing here ?
A FORTUNE TELLER. What are they looking for in these wee small hours ?
TAMARA. The diskette.
OMAR. What ?
ZOE. The computer program.

A slightly enigmatic smile forms on the face of the one who is trying to replace Dario the Great.

OMAR. I'm sorry, I mislaid the diskette.

An exclamation of astonishment spreads around the hall.

OMAR. What ! You lost it ?

Tamara and Zoe pout, about to break into tears.

ZOE. Poor Aunt Julia.
TAMARA. When she hears about all this.

Dario opens his arms in a show of defenselessness and sinks, dejected, into his armchair, while the eyes of Omar the Soothsayer glitter.

He folds his arms, then rests his forehead on his clenched fist, very deep n thought and, at last, he faces the crowd of fortune tellers.

OMAR. Do you realize what this " mislaying" means ?

Deep silence. Broken by Omar the Soothsayer, squatting and clapping his hands to a rhythm.

OMAR. D'you know ? Can you see ? Can you hear ?

Dancing takes over

CHORUS (off)
To know
to see
to hear,
Omar the

The diskette
will go back to a
who is a
who dreams
of urban

CHORUS (off)
To know
to see
to hear,
Omar the

The rainbow
and aurora
borealis will be
a stellar

and every single pedestrian
will wear a flower,
a sunflower, in his

CHORUS (off)
The flower of a
sunflower in the
hat is
what I want.
A sunflower in the

And what can we say about the
rising sun ?

CHORUS (off)
For all the
goblins and elves !
Every live being
will sing from
sun-up to

CHORUS (off)
O sole mio ...

Like in Peru
where the sun
is everyday

CHORUS (off)
O sole mio ....

Omar the Soothsayer's dialectical gifts confuse hearts, cloud minds, and sink telepathists and spiritualists into the depths of depression.
The parrot wants to do something for the big fellow who's down in the dumps down in his gilded armchair.

PARROT. Dario, old boy, just take a look at your situation now, and what it was like just a short time ago.

These words have an effect on the big fellow, he pulls himself together,- a new voice and a new style

DARIO. I was wrong

Among the abracadabras an incredulous "oh" can be heard.

DARIO. We should never have stolen Julia's diskette.
VOICES. What's he saying,- he's out of his mind.
DARIO. I've never thought more clearly.

His personality has undergone an important change.


Touch iron,
a dog's day
it's no crime
to steal time.

CHORUS (off)
It doesn't matter,
it doesn't matter.

I'm going with them

No, Tamara, no

Tamara joins the group of dancers.

It doesn't matter,
it doesn't matter.

Young lady
I'm at your service
allow me
this minuet.

it will be an
honor, and a
pleasure to
move my feet.

ZOE. Kindly make room for me.

The dancers waft Zoe up in the air.

DARIO. Friends, do you know what Julia wants ?

CHORUS (off)
It doesn't matter,
it doesn't matter.
I'm wearing
rain boots and
carrying a glass

Omar standing on a wooden table, carries a huge paper flower in his hand.

On my head be it.
The flower of
utopia is
so much wet paper.

CHORUS (off)
It doesn't matter,
it doesn't matter.

A quintet of dancers appears, Omar's fortune tellers, with Omar himself heading the group. Wearing gray suits, red ties, hats and black umbrellas.

The storm
plays dice
and loses
a flash of lightening in
the tempest
What do I see ;
The cloudburst
has a
in its boat.
CHORUS (off)
One step here
one step there
a donkey's paunch
in the flood.

The dancers of both sides face each other in a pantomime of fighting, and in this way Dario the Great's men throw Omar the Soothsayer's diviners out of the wine warehouse.

DARIO. We'll celebrate this victory in our own style.
Dario' occultists form double files, sometimes facing each other, other times back to back. Dance commences beneath a smoke curtain.

TAMARA. Hmm ! Smells of sandal wood.
ZOE. Of mint too.

While the masters of fortune telling and forecasting are dancing, the experts in the art of magic, just as it should be, serve jugs of wine, between compasses of contemporary dancing.

VICTOR. These people are on our side.
ALEX. But we won't find the diskette here.

The children move towards the door without the chiromancers realizing they're leaving.

TAMARA (off) Hope we soon find Aunt Julia's diskette.
ZOE (off) Where could it be ?


It's a shiny night of flashing stars. We can see the children crossing through space aboard their broomsticks, flying away from the warehouse, the parrot and owl flanking them.


Victor is lying on his bed, hands clasped behind his neck, eyes wide open. Alex is sleeping peacefully in the other bed.

VICTOR (off) We've got the photos I took but all the same I've got to stay awake all night, otherwise I'll be wondering whether everything about the warehouse really happened or not.

But if you're sleepy, will-power won't keep you awake. Victor's eyelids close in search of restoring sleep. Next day, the sun high in the sky, Victor opens his eyes and leaves his bed,- he looks for Alex but his bed is empty too. As he goes downstairs, he meets Aunt Julia.

JULIA. Victor, the parrot and the chimpanzee have escaped from the fair and are with us again.

Zoe, Tamara and Alex are having a hearty breakfast with the Noels. Felipe, inside his open cage, pecks at a lettuce leaf. Aunt Julia and Victor take seats at the table.

ZOE. Lazy bones, you're always oversleeping.

The twins chuckle

VICTOR. Well I never. No orange juice left..

Stands up and goes towards the kitchen, passing by the parrot's cage, he whispers in its ear.

The parrot looks at him out of the corner of an eye, pulls a grimace,- all well rehearsed.

PARROT. You're in cloud cuckoo land.

And turns his head and continues pecking at the lettuce leaf.
Victor, although he's got a lump in his throat, isn't giving up hope. Camera in hand, he enters into the dark room. We see different shots where he's developing his photos - the photos get clearer and clearer and the parrot and monkey stand out. Victor utters a curse,- no broomsticks to be seen. Felipe and Alberto seem to be flying against a background of a starry night

VICTOR (off) They'll say the photos were taken in the garden on a starry night.

Suddenly a car horn is heard from outside, then the twins' excited voices.


Leaning against the fence Victor observes how his parents step down from their car. Tamara and Zoe throw themselves into their arms. Aunt Julia introduces the Noels,- there's no slackening in the rhythm,- welcoming, hand-shaking.

JULIA. The Noel family and their son, Alex.

Interchange of greetings. Victoria doesn't take her eyes off of the Noels.


The grown-ups are having coffee next to the fire-place. Sounds of children playing reach us from the garden.

JULIA. I've taken the liberty of asking them to stay.
VICTORIA. Honey, that's the right thing to do.

Knocking at the door. It's the Pretender disguised as a postman, followed by the twins.

PRETENDER. Urgent telegram for Miss Julia.
VICTORIA. Just a moment. All telegrams are urgent
PRETENDER. This one is superurgent. It's from a judge.
JULIA (under her breath) You!.......
REYNALDO. What an odd postman.


In a linden tree
there's a
with a
in its beak.

CHORUS (off)
Standing up
on one
the judge is
fed up
to the teeth.

JULIA (normal voice) I don't trust this.
MRS NOEL. What's the judge got to do with this ?

A citation
two rings
a dream of
orange blossom on the
ring finger.

TAMARA. Zoe, the postman is the Pretender.
ZOE. What a nerve !

The twins approach with the idea of exposing him, but he takes them by the hand and dances with them

CHORUS (off)
Let's see you
whoever gets
builds a
Let's see you
the judge
can't be kept

The Pretender, flute in hand, takes the twins to the garden.


The children and the Pretender dance in the garden, on their way to the gymnasium.


Inside the gymnasium there's a tatami on the left. On the other side there's different gym gear, wooden horse, rings, stationary bicycles, bars. Different sized weights.


CHORUS (off)
Standing up
on one
the judge is
fed up
to the teeth.

A group of dancers come forward, specialists in wardrobe, make-up and TV characterization, they fit Victor out in a dark coat, an academic biretta with tassel and a pair of white gloves. Victor, all solemnity, climbs onto the wooden horse

How disgraceful !
a boy friend
flute player
disguised as a
flute player.

More people come on, some with cameras on their shoulders, others with contracts and pen in hand.
The twins are wearing wigs, long dresses and wide summer hats. They are posing very sweetly against the different gym articles. A director puts glasses of pineapple juice and a straw in their hands.

at your service,
you'll be a
if you sign
this paper.

ZOE (normal voice) Victor, and your sparrow's plume ?

My forefinger
is hurting
I shan't be signing
till January.

CHORUS (off)
Standing up,
on one
the judge is
fed up
to the teeth.

TAMARA (normal voice) Kindly arrange your appointments.

Everyone obeys,- they form a single line, the Pretender too, and leave the gymnasium on the double.


All the Abads and Noels are together in the living room.

VICTORIA. Julia, have you had a good time ?
TAMARA. More than good.
ZOE. And less than bad.
VICTORIA. A peaceful time, nothing unpleasant ?
REYNALDO. Why unpleasant ?

From behind the sofa a hand appears, clutching a document and pen for Julia. She reads and returns it.

JULIA. I'm not signing that.
REYNALDO. Sign ? What's got to be signed ?
JULIA. Dear little sister, peace was reigning in your home.

Victor and Reynaldo give each other a look. Now three hands appear and show Julia documents, which she leafs through and returns.

REYNALDO. I must have put my glasses on the wrong way round.
JULIA. No!. and no !
VICTORIA. Reynaldo, keep quiet.
REYNALDO. Have you known each other a long time.?

While he's asking the question, his look takes in, expressively, his sister-in-law and the couple of fortune tellers.

MR NOEL Well, I may say,- all our lives.

Victoria takes the tray with the coffee cups to the kitchen, Julia follows. Victoria washes the cups at the sink.

VICTORIA You let two magicians come in.
JULIA. They just turned up all at once, and ...............
VICTORIA. All at once ?
JULIA. Anyway, we're going .
VICTORIA. You're going ?

Victoria's eyes moisten.

JULIA. There's lots to be done.

We see shots of Julia in the loft, unplugging instruments and switching computers off.


Victoria, absorbed in her thoughts, is walking on the lawn when she stumbles on a teapot, Pompadour Rose color, and stoops to pick it up. Her surprise couldn't be greater as she continues her walk finding a silver candle stick, one of the biologist's pipes, an English pocket watch, all lying in the grass.


The twins are sitting at the steering wheel of two vintage cars of the 1920s. Victor appears at the door.

VICTOR. Aunt Julia's leaving.

Tamara and Zoe, saddened, step down from the cars.

VICTOR. I don't want you to cry.
ZOE. We're not a pair of kids.
TAMARA. But we're very sorry.
VICTOR. Some day she' d have to leave us.

The girls hide their feelings, but their eyes are moist..
Enter Victoria, her arms full of the things she's found in the garden

VICTORIA. Victor, what happened while we were away ?

Pretends he doesn't understand the question. She tries not to lose her temper, and asks Zoe

VICTORIA. What have you got to say ?

Purses her lips so hard they turn blue-black.

VICTORIA. And you ?
TAMARA. Mummy, do you think we spend the nights flying around on a broom ?

We see shots of the biologist's collection of vintage cars. Then Victor leaning against the hood of an old Ford, the twins sitting on the running board with a drawing pad in hand. Enter Alex, serious and elegant. Victor springs off the car and stands next to him.

ALEX. What are you drawing ?
TAMARA. Brooms.

ZOE. Lots of brooms.
VICTOR. You're leaving, Alex ?
ALEX. But not out of town.
TAMARA. You do such extraordinary things.
ALEX. Bah ! They're just tricks.
ZOE. Such as...?
ALEX. Riddles - guessing games ?


Let's see - let's see.
The cricket's lighthouse
The glowworm !
Hey-o. Hey-o
in a
circle I found
Hey-o, hey-o
the moon paints
half her face
with her frog
Hey-o, hey-o
my doll
dances on
just one foot.
The cricket's
lighthouse is........
The glowworm !


The sudden surge of fun gives way to nostalgia.

VICTOR. Alex, come back whenever you feel like it.

Alex smiles and makes his way towards the door, there he stands, cups his hand under his chin, blows them all a farewell kiss. Multicolored soap bubbles float from his lips.


Victor, Zoe and Tamara are lined up at the garden gate and watch the Noel family getting into the car. The engine doesn't start. Alex and his father get out.

MR NOEL. Run out of petrol.
REYNALDO. The nearest petrol station is .........

Mr Noel opens the trunk and takes out a water drum

MR NOEL. Alex, fill this up please

To the surprise of all present Alex fills the drum from a garden faucet. Mr Noel then takes the cover off the gas tank and empties the drum of water just as if it were petrol. Reynaldo and Victoria, astonished - the children smile as conspirators. A shot of Mr Noel at the wheel of his car.

MR NOEL. There must be some advantage for us, don't you think ?

When Alex gets into the car, he turns towards his friends who can't take their eyes off of him from the other side of the fence.

ALEX. Lives adventures and doesn't lift a finger.
ALEX. It's everywhere and has no feet.
ZOE. A dream !

Alex smiles, nods, and gets into the car, which starts up and disappears, before the stunned gaze of the Abads.

VICTORIA (sighs) One or two magicians fewer.
ZOE. Mummy, why does Aunt Julia have to go ?
VICTORIA. She's got her own things to do.
TAMARA. Abracadabra things ?


Reynaldo Abad is wearing a white smock and is sitting at his desk. The tape recorder is on and he's taking note in his dictionary of simian speech. He's quite worked up, breathing hard, stops the tape and invites the chimpanzee to utter sounds The ape grunts a syllable and repeats it time and again and the biologist records it all.
Reynaldo shouts with satisfaction, attracting the whole family. On the other side of the half open door, Victoria, the children and the parrot observe the picture offered by the biologist and the ape.

CHIMPANZEE. Mag...mag...mag.

The tape repeats and repeats the same sound

CHIMPANZEE (off)....Mag.mag..mag.

Victoria runs her fingers through her hair, arranging and disarranging. And goes up to Reynaldo followed by the children.

VICTORIA. And that's why you get so worked up ?

Reynaldo turns towards her, his eyes lit up with fervor.

REYNALDO. You haven't noticed ?
TAMARA. Noticed what, Daddy ?
REYNALDO. Alberto's used a new sound.
VICTOR. So what ?

A look of impotence is reflected in the biologist's face.

REYNALDO. I still don't know what it means.

Leafs through his dictionary with trembling fingers. Zoe plays with the keys and we hear the tape once more.

CHIMPANZEE (off) Mag.....mag..mag.

The insistence of that voice stirs Reynaldo - he messes his hair up and turns towards his children.

REYNALDO. Did anything special happen on those days ?
TAMARA. Specially special ?
VICTORIA. Something unusual must have happened.

Julia has just shown up in the doorway, the computer case in one hand and umbrella in the other, exactly when Tamara switches the tape-recorder on.

CHIMPANZEE (off) Mag..mag....mag.

The parrot flies around the laboratory and squawks, while doubt reigns.

PARROT. What's "mag.mag.mag" mean ?

The ape looks up at the bird as if he understood the question.

ZOE. Looks like he knows what it means.

Reynaldo scrutinizes the chimp as if it were a relic.

REYNALDO. And the Congress is just around the corner.
VICTOR. Alberto, tell us what "mag" is.
TAMARA. Tell us what it means.
JULIA. Or, where is this thing called "mag"-.

Everybody looks at Julia. The monkey does a somersault as a show of obedience and leaps out of the laboratory window.


Donkey, goat and cat follow right behind the chimp, the owl and parrot, however, hover over his head. We see the feet of grown ups and children slithering over the lawn.

TAMARA. It's fantastic.
ZOE. Really exciting.

The monkey moves on all fours over the grass and comes to a halt just before the orchard, under the magnolia tree.

PARROT. Mag..mag..mag.
ZOE. Magnolia ! that's it !

Faces brighten up. The biologist flashes from euphoria to reflection.

REYNALDO. That's genial. Alberto identifies the magnolia.

Reflects,- concentrates as though he were quite alone.

REYNALDO. But why "magnolia"? There must be a reason or cause that explains...

The chimp squats and scratches away at the earth around the magnolia until he makes a hole, then he pulls out a tiny leather bag with an encrusted jewel, like a human eye.. Julia can't believe her eyes.

JULIA. That's it ! It's the diskette !

The children, impressed by what they've just seen, step back from the spot where the discovery took place.

TAMARA. How did the chimp manage to find the diskette ?

Julia strokes the monkey's head and softly gives him instructions.

JULIA. Give the bag to the owner.

The monkey looks at the parrot who nods its hooked beak, meaning 'OK' and the monkey hands Julia the bag
The biologist creases his brow.

REYNALDO. Why is it so bright and shiny ?

The children smile because Julia is so happy.

ZOE Tomorrow we'll have a sunny beach day.

Reynaldo looks up at the sky and after giving it a thorough examination, says

REYNALDO. It's cloudy. The weather-man says.....
TAMARA. It'll be bright and sunny.

The biologist gives the twins a quizzical look. Julia puts the bag into her case and looks at her watch.

JULIA. It's time to be on my way.
REYNALDO. Can I drive you down to the railway station ?

She declines with a smile.

REYNALDO. Suppose you miss the train ?

The twins tug the biologist's sleeve.

ZOE Aunt Julia doesn't need trains.
REYNALDO. Really ?
TAMARA. Will you come back, Aunt Julia ?
VICTOR. W hat a question, Tamara.

Farewell kisses, Julia picks up the case with her right, the umbrella with her left hand.
The Abads stand still, sorry to see Julia go off towards the green hills. Tamara and Zoe give each other a look, and run after her.


The twins are astonished on arriving at the top of the hill - Julia has vanished. Who has appeared before them is the Pretender, looking up towards the heavens and pedaling at low speed on his bicycle.

PRETENDER. When are we going to get married ?
JULIA (off) When you give up boxing.
PRETENDER. I've already hung up my gloves.

Shows us his flute, plays a few notes.

PRETENDER. I've got a title as a flute-player.
JULIA (off) There's a lot of cloudy days out there.
PRETENDER. I've seen people smile on cloudy days.
JULIA (off) On sunny days laughter is multiplied by three.
PRETENDER. Always thinking about other people.
JULIA (off) And you're always thinking about getting married. And you don't know how to do a single thing !

The bicycle moves away from the twins. The Pretender, at heart a tight-rope artist, pedals backwards, stands on his head on the saddle, even plays a melody on his flute.
The twins smile, and the scene continues with Victor saying to the parrot

VICTOR. How did the monkey manage to snitch the diskette from Dario ?
PARROT. You're quite a dreamer.

Credit title. A reappearance of the Pretender with his flute, music and bicycle acrobatics.